Care & Maintenance

During installation and after the flooring is completely installed, all dirt and construction debris should be removed and the floor swept clean. Immediately clean up all spills with a damp rag. Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to remove all soil, grit and sand. Do not use vacuum with a beater brush. For regular maintenance, sweep dirt and damp mop regularly with warm water and vinyl floor cleaner. Do not use a steam mop to clean your floor. Do not use soap-based detergents or abrasive cleaners. Instead, use neutral floor cleaners. To restore shine, use floor polish that does not contain oil-based ingredients or solvents. Application of liquid floor cleaner at least once a month is recommended. To avoid possible permanent indentation or surface damage, proper floor protection devices must be used under the furniture and appliances. Exercise care when removing or replacing furniture or appliances. Always use clean equipment! Dirty equipment only redistributes the dirt.